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Leonardo Collado

Hello, my name is Leonardo! I was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  Before moving to Japan I lived in Los Angeles, California for four years. I've been living in Japan since 1994 and have been teaching English for over 20 years. My hobbies include wake boarding, and building things! I know your children will love our staff at Jelly Bean, and will have a lot of fun learning English!

Daron Morehead

Hello! My name is Daron.  I am from Arizona in the US. I enjoy teaching English and have experience mainly with pre-school and elementary aged students. I know your children will enjoy Jelly Bean and I look forward to welcoming them to my class!



Hello!  My name is Mikako.  I am the nursery teacher.  I like children and English.  Children are very cute and interesting.  I am very happy to be working at Jelly Bean.  Let's  enjoy English together.  

Hello! My name is Eiko. I lived in Belgium for two years and learned English there. I realized that communicating with people in English is fun! I love singing, drawing and playing with children. So I look forward  to playing and talking with your children at Jelly Bean!


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